Can Auto Insurance Companies Drop Your Coverage? (Portsmouth, VA)

An important question often asked by drivers is can my car insurance company drop my coverage? And the answer is yes but only under certain conditions. So generally speaking, a carrier will only cancel an insurance policy after the agreed term. So if you have a six month policy, then carriers will almost always maintain coverage for that duration. However, during your term, if you are involved in multiple collisions, then your carrier may decide to not renew your policy at the end of your term. Now, in extreme cases, your carrier may cancel coverage abruptly and this generally uh results from multiple DU I charges or maybe improper information on your insurance policy form. But in either case, the insurance company will tell you that your coverage has been dropped or that your plan will not be renewed. So to prevent being left without auto insurance, make sure that you speak to your insurance agent. Uh somebody that you trust and they can help you find a policy from a reputable carrier that meets all of your needs.

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Business Insurance Coverages – Cases #5 and #6 – Portsmouth, VA

The final segment in our video series about what insurance a small business actually needs.

Bad Luck Case #5
We review the need for Employment Practices Liability Insurance.

Bad Luck Case #6
A Key Man Life Insurance Policy would have been very helpful, giving the business valuable time to recover from the loss.

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Business Insurance Coverages – Cases #3 and #4 – Portsmouth, VA

As we continue our series of business insurance examples…

See how Bad Luck Case #3 might have been improved with a Property Insurance Policy that included Debris Removal Coverage, along with Business Income Insurance.

Bad Luck Case #4 reveals a very real need for Cyber Liability Insurance with Data Ransom Coverage

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Business Insurance Coverages – Cases #1 and #2 – Portsmouth, VA

What insurance does a small business actually need?
Much of a business’s success depends on how well it can overcome obstacles.

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Bad Luck Case #1
In this example, the hefty legal and judgment costs would have been covered by Hired and Non-Owned Auto Liability Insurance, up to purchased policy limits.

Bad Luck Case #2
ACME had Worker’s Compensation Insurance that covered Julie’s expenses, but not Colleen’s. The state identified that ACME had misclassified Colleen, which led to hefty penalties and judgments for medical costs and damages.

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