Rising Up to the Meaning of Community

Oxford Languages defines community as “a feeling of fellowship with others, as a result of sharing common attitudes, interests, and goals” and in our community, Mercy Drops does its very best to instill that by making it their mission to bring hope alive by offering free resources and services to connect people with a need to a community of support that addresses their immediate and long-term needs.” Through their various programs and services, they operate in “the areas of homelessness, poverty, and education.”

This dedicated organization works tirelessly to meet the pressing needs of those in the community who are at a loss for food, clothing, and/or shelter. Thanks to Mercy Drops, community members in need have a variety of residential, resource, and outreach programs to choose from to assist them in bringing hope alive.

At Coppedge Insurance, our entire team is passionate about making positive changes in the community. That’s why for the next few months, we’ll be donating $10 to Mercy Drops for every single person you recommend to our agency for a no-obligation quote! Together, we can rise up to the true meaning of community.

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