It’s Time to Help Our Women in Need

Here at Coppedge Insurance, we are a family-oriented organization that prioritizes homes and families in all our endeavors. We greatly believe in giving back to those in need, and we’ve decided to support HER Shelter and its’ mission to provide emergency shelter and support to women and children victims of abuse.

It is a hard transition for anyone to leave their home or belongings and come into a shelter. It becomes more complicated when children are involved – they can be confused, scared, and anxious at new places and people. HER Shelter prepares safe and welcoming spaces for women and children fleeing situations of domestic or sexual violence, homelessness, or human trafficking.

Cultures of shame, guilt, or embarrassment cause many people who are experiencing situations of violence to keep it to themselves. And for many women and children living in a domestic violence situation, this is the start of an entirely new chapter in their lives. HER Shelter strives to cover the basics of entering an independent living situation.

HER Shelter provides leadership, advocacy, and resources to survivors and communities affected by Domestic Violence, Sexual Violence, Stalking, and Human Trafficking. You can also add to this noble cause by recommending a person to us for a free no-obligation quote. And in return, we will donate $10 in your name to the HER Shelter. Yes, it’s that easy, so what are you waiting for?

To Make a Donation Directly CLICK HERE